The Oldest Sibling Is Always The Smartest, According To Researchers

Couples generally have kids whenever they think they are ready for the responsibilities. And when the golden time comes, they finally have their first born and there’s no feeling like that, it’s more than the happiness of anything you ever had. People hold their firstborns like some real king or queen. Even Daenerys Targaryen doesn’t get the love from her people the way parents love their kids. And then some of these parents decide to have another kid. That’s the day, the kid gets the title of an older sibling. At the start, it’s fun and games until the new baby is born and takes all the love away. Kids grow out to that and mature and a scientific study has revealed that the first born is the smartest is most cases.

Below are the reasons why the oldest sibling is always the smartest:

The study was conducted by the University of Edinburgh.

They derived it in research that the firstborn kid is the smartest one of the siblings. And that single children are comparably more intelligent than the crowds.

This study involved 5000 kids from pre-birth to the age of 14.

This research took a lot of time and it tested the children and their parents on a regular basis and when the final results came in, they declared the conclusion.

The biggest reason for the oldest sibling being smarter is the parents.

The biggest role in any child’s upbringing and the way he/she grows is of the parents. The way a parent wants their child to go is mostly what the child goes. If the parents are violent, the kid is going to end up like that and so on.

Parents give all their love and attention to the growth of the firstborn.

When the kid gets all the attention he can get and develops the way the parent wants them to (for the better of it) its great parenting which is flawless. And this all results in the better mental health of the kid because he feels loved always.

When the second kid is born this changes.

The birth of the second kid means ultimately that the attention and the love of parents will be distributed between both their kids and most of the times even the firstborn doesn’t get enough attention after the birth.

But, in the end, love and attention are distributed.

It’s mostly 50-50 in case of two kids and equal distribution in other cases. And sometimes, when parents are biased or a kid is just too good, he gets more share of love.

The child born later gets left behind.

Even after doing their best, the parents cannot give the best of what they gave to their younger sibling and hence the best growth isn’t what the newer addition gets.

And it’s okay, the younger kid gets some benefits as well.

For example, he gets someone around his age who can play with him, that the elder kid lacked for obvious reasons.

It’s not the fault of a parent that the older sibling is the smartest.

Not like they didn’t want to make the sibling born later not smart. It’s just not possible, or else the elder sibling would go, rogue, if he’s not paid enough attention.

Also, if the older sibling is smart, it doesn’t mean younger ones are dumb, right?

The obvious fact indeed. Just compared to the older one, others might not be that smart or sensitive to things, it doesn’t mean others would be faulty pieces. They’ll be really smart, but not as smart as the elder one – says an Elder Sibling. 😎😏