The Selfie Craze And The Craziest Selfie Gadgets Invented To Promote It

Selfies are nothing but self photograph which has become a huge craze post the year 2000. With the advent of social media platforms to elevate the craze, it has become a habit for people to take self photos, selfies with group and in different ways!

Selfies became a rage among the youngsters from the year 2005 onwards when face book and other social networking sites took over their lives. But, slowly selfies gained a wider popularity among people of every age group and in the year 2012, Time Magazine considered selfies as one of “the top 10 buzzword” of that year. Even though, this concept of selfies existed before too, but it gained focus and popularity post 2012. This is such a craze that in the year 2013, the Oxford English Dictionary had to add it to their list of words and also termed it as the “word of the year” as well.

Popular among both the male and the female gender and in all age groups, it is obvious that selfies got a first level treatment with various companies coming up with craziest of selfie gadgets to leverage the efforts of the selfies freaks.

Let us take a sneak peak into some of the craziest selfies gadgets ever made till date. I am sure, this is going to blow your mind and if you love selfies yourself, you are bound to search for it online too!

#1. Selfie Hat

1. Selfie HatImage source

This hat was specially designed for the London fashion week 2014, where the company Acer collaborated with the designer Christian Cowan-sanlus to design this Selfie Hat! This hat is a bright and sparkling pink hat with a tablet (Acer’s Iconia A1- 840) hanging from it! This hat lets you take pictures from any angle while the hat is on. The person can also use applications and use the internet and everything else one can do with a tab! The best part is that if a person is tired of selfies s/he can easily take off the hat and get the tablet fixed on a non-wearable tablet case which comes with this product. As this hat was seen in the Fashion Week, it is sold in limited numbers.

#2. Selfie Ring

2 Selfie RingImage source

This ring was designed by Jonathan Cheban and works only with iPhones. This selfie ring is a set of two rings which needs to be attached at the back of the phone which helps in the better grip while taking a selfie. This also protects the phone from falling or slipping off as well. However, apart from this, this Glam Screen selfie ring can also be used as a Smartphone stand as well.


#3. The Selfie Brush

3 The Selfie BrushImage source

Ok deal with this, a Selfie Brush!! It is simply an iPhone case with silver of a mirror on the front area and brush at the back side. This can be used by simply placing the iPhone at the back of the brush to click that perfect selfie. This can be used as both an iPhone case as well as a brush. With the colors like pink, purple, and black variations this is one of an invention!

#4. Selfie Drone

4 Selfie DroneImage source

This one is as interesting as it can get! Read on to know why! The Nixie is the brainchild of Stanford postdoctoral researcher, Christoph Kohshall who made an attempt to make the world’s first flyable yet wrist-wearable camera! This Nixie is specially devised for those moments where one is doing something where the need of taking a picture or the videos is desirable, but is not feasible with the standard available devices. This works best when you want to click a pic while trekking, climbing or even performing a bike stunt! This wrist-wearable camera is somewhat bulky, but once you perform even a simple gesture with your wrists, the Nixie drone transforms itself into a sleek and small quad copter and takes the pictures and videos by sensing the exact location! The Nixie drone, after taking the snap automatically comes back and settles down like a boomerang so that you don’t lose it as well! Amazing, isn’t it?


#5. Glam Screen

Glam ScreenImage source

Glam Screen is specifically a screen protector which reflects other objects like a mirror! Designed by Jonathan Cheban, this screen protector helps one to see how s/he is looking before clicking a selfie. Unfortunately, this glam screen protector which can be doubled up as a mirror too is available only for the iPhone users. Bad luck at this!


#6. Selfie Toaster

Selfie ToasterImage source

Camera phone selfies will look like a kid when one comes to know of this new technology! Are you crazy about taking selfies? How about eating the image of your own face with the help of a selfie toaster? This one is created by a Vermont based company named Burnt Impressions who are making these customizable toasters who are renowned to have created the Jesus toaster and Rapture toasters too! In case you would want to eat up your own image, it will just cost you $ 75 plus a high resolution photo of your face and need to send it to the company. Burnt Impressions will send you back the selfie toaster in just about a week’s time, after which you can enjoy eating toasts with your own image on it! That reminds me, can we do this with our enemies’ pic or maybe Boss’s? LOL!


#7. Selfie Remote Control

Selfie Remote ControlImage source

To make the lives of selfie maniacs a little easy, the selfie remote control was brought into the market! This remote can be connected to an iPhone using AUX cables and by using this gadget you do not need to click on the phone to take the selfie. Just by clicking the button of the remote, a selfie gets clicked by itself. Amazingly fast, a bluetooth version of this remote has already taken over the market too!


#8. Selfie Mirror

Selfie MirrorImage source

This is actually a boon for those who think it is difficult to look away from the mirror to take that perfect selfie. The iStrategyLabs have come up with a great solution, the SELFIE, which is a mirror which takes the pic of the user and shares it on Twitter. The SELFIE (known as Self Enhancing Live Feed Inage Engine) uses a cabinet with a two-way mirror on a hinged door, much like a washroom cabinet and it just needs the user to stand in front of it in a specially marked area and smile to activate the camera embedded at the back of the mirrors. A Mac mini located within the mirrors help in the face recognition using special software which is in turn linked to a webcam too. Yes, the technical part is hard to understand but the impact is perfect!


#9. Selfie Shirt

Selfie ShirtImage source

This one is simply a gift from the heaven for those who just try for hours to take that perfect selfie snap but the clothes just do not comply with the efforts. This one, the selfie shirt is specially devised to look good in selfies. A Russian fashion designer named Timur Kim designed theses selfie shirts and priced them at $ 166 each. These selfie tees are made with most of the graphic activity on the top portion. I am sure to look for this one after completing this blog for you all! Can’t wait!


#10. Cellfy Wrap

Cellfy WrapImage source

This one can help immensely if you wanna click hands free selfies. This Cellfywrap can be fitted around any normal household items and can hold any Smartphone in its holding case with complete ease. With this device, clicking hands free remote selfies could not have been easier.