There Is A Harry Potter-Themed Apartment You Can Rent Now

Everyone knows what harry potter is and about the whole universe J K Rowling has set up for us. At this point, there probably won’t even be anyone who doesn’t know about the movie series or the books. The fandom of the Harry Potter series is crazy, people do so many things to mimic their favorite characters from the movies and the books. We all love the magic and the concept of it and don’t seem to get bored from it any time soon as well. Over time, we have seen people wearing official Harry Potter merchandise, doing plays and shows, and even talking like they are not from the muggle world. Now, you can do a lot more than that as well. There is a Harry Potter-themed apartment that you can rent and let out your inner fandom.

Below are the details of this Harry Potter Themed apartment:

This apartment is located in Edinburgh:

The place where J K Rowling made her life-changing series about magic and Hogwarts. Edinburgh is like the pilgrimage of people who follow the Harry Potter religion.

It is created by superfan Yue Gao to honor the series.

Canongate Luxury Apartment is what Yue Gao named this masterpiece. It’s the royal place for anyone who wants to unleash their fan out.

You can rent it all year round.

Yes! it can be booked via any of the famous booking portals that too round the clock, the whole year, the only problem being its availability considering the number of people who wanna spend time here.

The bedroom signifies Gryffindor.

It’s the master bedroom which has a four-poster bed from which you can see candles and other stuff that give it a resemblance of the house with magic.

This apartment has places that J K Rowling used.

There are many things in the apartment that belonged to J K Rowling herself and are artifacts of the time when she was writing the book.

A desk in the apartment belonged to J K Rowling herself.

Gao went above and beyond to get that piece of furniture and other details correct. He spent a lot of fortune in making it the best he could.

Gao had some fan statement to make regarding the apartment.

“I managed to acquire it as the furniture restorer’s son went to the same school and was in the same class as J.K. Rowling’s daughter.”

Also, there isn’t just Harry Potter stuff in the apartment.

There are Xbox and PS4 among other things that can keep you occupied whenever you want to get back in the muggle world and act like normal people. Just put them on and take a break from magic.

So, what will it cost you to stay there?

It will cost you around £150 i.e. just over $200 USD per night. Although, it’s a load of money you get the experience of a lifetime.

There is also a Hagrid’s hut-like structure around it.

You can also take a peek at the guy who helped Harry a lot and take a look at how the giant lived in another apartment that is available for rent in Edinburgh.