These brothers are the cutest partners in crime. EVER.


This dad in the video must surely know by now that the worst part of scolding your kids is trying not to laugh while doing it, especially when the goal is to reprimand them for messing their whole house with paint. Here are some of the best ‘aww’ moments from their conversation and scroll down to see how the duo nod their way through the trouble and finally manage to crack up their dad.

1. When the dad asked who is the big brother?


The moment to accept partial blame is here. Yes, I am the big brother but why did the universe conspire against me?


2.  When the dad asked ‘do you think you guys should have a time out?’


*NO* I mean, what have we done to deserve such cruel punishments from you, daddy!


3.  When the big brother doesn’t understand what makes his dad laugh


Really! What is funny? This is just what happens in our family on a regular basis!


Watch the full clip of these adorable brothers down here