These Tricks Could Help You If You Are Hoping To Get Pregnant With Twins

The best moment for any couple’s life is when they have a kid. Having a child is one of the best moments and happiness that one can get. But, it isn’t an easy process after you get the child, it required proper care among all the other things. People sometimes can be really greedy for kids and to shower them with their love and want twins instead of a single baby. You can’t actually plan twins according to science, you can just expect your belly to have two or more kids and not guarantee it. But, with proper care, you might just be able to increase your chances of getting twins and enjoying with them for the rest of your life.

Below are some tricks for couples who would like to get pregnant with twins:

More Dairy products increase chances.

Estrogen is what dairy products offer most and that increases fertility and ultimately chances of having twins. Plus they also give calcium to the bones and body which is also good for health.


Bromelain is basically an enzyme found in Pineapples mostly, which can help in increasing fertility. But, this should not be taken in excess as it can cause complications in birth later.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

This method has the highest chances of getting twins. It involves the extraction of eggs and retrieval of them in a laboratory dish. Then, the embryo is transferred to the uterus. This basically translates that only the fertilized sperm is placed in the uterus which increases the chance of fertilization.

Family History.

Family history can mean a lot as if the previous generations had twins, there a great chance that the current parents will also end up with twins because of the same genes. Genes play a very important role in pregnancy.


You can always go for medicines that increase the rate of fertility and hope you get the desired outcome.


This is the tendency of releasing more than one egg at a time. Women mostly suffer from hyperovulation when they’re in their early 30s. Trying for twins in those years might also work.

Maca Root.

Maca root has enzymes that can help the fertility of both men and women. This root is said to activate the reproductive functions of the human body.

Higher Body Mass Index.

The BMI of women matter as with a high BMI, chances of twins increases. Doctors advise not increasing your BMI just before pregnancy as it could lead to complications.

Lactating Pregnancy.

For what it’s worth, getting pregnant while lactating or breastfeeding increases the chance of giving birth to twins next time you’re pregnant.


Miscarriages are definitely not advised for this but surveys have proven that getting pregnant after miscarriages increase chances of getting twins.

Folate intake.

Increasing the amount of folate you take are significant gains towards your goals. Folate is another enzyme that accelerates fertility. They are found in broccoli, avocado, peas, beans, okra, etc. Folate can increase your chances by 40% so they are worth a try.