Things IT Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

In today’s world, we are all dependent on technology too much and that can hurt us real bad if you think about it. Since everything is online or at least in digital format, it can always get messy when there’s a problem with anything that you use. Imagine your phone dying while you’re in an important meeting or your files getting corrupted right before your presentation and all the hard work you accomplished burned down to ashes. Thanks to the people who have a deeper understanding of the machines than we do and can repair anything that might jeopardize what we have worked for. But, we have found technicians of any field keeping some information to themselves just for the sake of professionalism and business and we’re all fine with it as well. This differs in case of IT professionals as they really have everything we have over on our tech and we need to know exactly what they have against us. Don’t worry we’re here to help.

Below are some things that IT professionals don’t want you to know:

Corruption is the best excuse.

Whenever something goes wrong from the end of the IT professional which most of the times isn’t their fault, just a chain of reactions which were initiated by the person thinking it would solve the problem. The simple answer normal people get for this is corruption and you would never know the real cause as well.

Only one option to fix this.

We know this from real life that every problem has more than one solution and so does tech. IT guys say it’s the only option as it’s the most time convenient and the one that they know for sure would work. They have other ways in case it doesn’t and take a lot of time than the ‘only way’ of course.

Google it.

A person with basic knowledge might try and solve his problem by googling it but he can’t differentiate the right and the wrong method himself. So, in the end, he’s forced to ask for an IT guy even after knowing exactly what could solve his problem just not with full clarity.

Mac isn’t as secure as it’s advertised.

Apple advertises it’s products as super encrypted and stuff but well, all operating systems of all types of devices are equally susceptible to viruses and thefts.

You aren’t invisible.

In case you think you’re smart enough to wipe your browser’s records and think you fooled the IT guy who’s job is to monitor, you’re wrong. What you clear is just on your computer, anything you do on the internet goes through servers and you cannot hide or delete that.

Maintenance doesn’t make devices fast.

I mean it does but not the way you expect it to. Tech gets older with time and hence it cannot be as fast as something that’s new in the market even at it’s best. People fail to understand this basic thing all the time.

Urgent problems.

Employees answer your cry for help on the basis of the problem and not the urgency it has to you. The IT guy won’t help you first if you can’t connect to the internet while some other company’s servers were hacked even if it was urgent to you.

Email and texts are preferred.


Answering someone on call is easy but well, when someone is on call they’re just freaked out and can’t tell the problem most of the times. Emails and texts make it convenient to reply to each and every query, but no one can say that directly to a customer.

You don’t have any privacy while in office.

Just in case you are one of the guys who surf useless things in the office rather than doing actual work, the company may fire you. For that they need proof and hence they come to IT guys to take the history that guy has on office internet which is found with the IT professional.

You’re not the technician, IT Professional is.

If you ever doubted a mechanic for wasting your time even when they could have corrected it easily you’re right most of the times. IT guys can just take hours for a 5-minute job only to show the effort they did and charge you extra for it or just to piss you off in some cases.