This Chicken Lived For 18 Months Without A Head

There are many mysterious things that are happening in the world and we don’t have an answer for it most of the times as well. Most mysterious things are often termed as miracles and left for people to think and wonder about for no reason. While in today’s world of science miracles are not a mystery anymore. There’s science for other things while there’s medical science for medical stuff, in all, there is an explanation for everything that happens. So, any weird things like people living without hearts, or things flying in the air without fans have an explanation. There’s something although that never had an explanation and probably won’t have it as well. A headless chicken that survived just like a normal chicken without any problems!

Below are the details of this headless chicken:

A farmer from Colorado wanted to Eat chicken.

And hence he went to his field caught the juiciest one he could, set the table for chopping it into pieces so he can cook it and then eat it.

He chopped its head!

The best way to kill, right? So, after he chops the head off, he leaves the corpse for a couple of hours just like any other butcher would.

The chicken didn’t die?

Hours later, the chicken was wandering around aimlessly as he had lost its head but didn’t die. He was shocked and thought the chicken might be struggling and went to sleep.

Lloyd Olsen was the guy who chopped the head.

Next morning, the chicken was found alive, that too sleeping near his chopped head. And that was one shocking thing for Lloyd himself.

The bird then didn’t become food.

Instead, he was named ‘Mike’ and started taking care of him and managed to keep him alive.

But, how did Mike eat and drink?

Since Mike lost his head to hunger, he had hunger of his own. He was fed using an eyedropper directly into his esophagus. Chickens eat grains and drink water so food options were limited and easier to feed.

Lloyd made a box containing food and care supplies.

Only dedicated to the bird itself. Mike became famous with other local farmers and made him one healthy bird without a head, of course.

Mike also had a nickname by media.

Lloyd took Mike to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City where removal of chicken heads was a research topic. And guess who stunned them? The scientists run tests on him and gave him a nickname of ‘Miracle Mike’.

They discovered how he was alive!

What they discovered was the ax missed the jugular vein and clot which basically translates to the reason he didn’t bleed to death. And that’s how he has his brain functions intact even after not having a head anymore.

Mike has his own statue in Phoenix!

18 months after him losing his head, Mike was coughing at night when the family couldn’t find the kit they used to feed him. And that’s the day poor Mike lost his life. Fruita then dedicated an old metal statue to his tribute.