Top 10 go-to makeup products that must be in your bag

There are two types of girls in this wide world: Makeup-lovers and Makeup-haters. We agree that makeup is a really polarizing issue for the female gender but there are those basic products that even the haters admit to use, at least once in a while. Down is a list of such products that a girl should carry in her bag so she can make herself look presentable in a second – be it for an office presentation or party.

1. Lip balm

Lippenpflegestift - Lip balm

Dry and chapped lips make you look like a person who puts zero efforts on looking good. A lip balm in your bag acts as a magic wand, providing you with lush and baby soft lips whenever you need it. We recommend using a tinted lip balm, which has the sheerness of a lip balm with a small tinge of color to provide the perfect glossy effect. If you are a lipstick person and do not like to keep juggling your lipsticks in and out from your bag, then carry a lip crayon in a color that is the best flattering shade on you. Lip crayons are intense moisturizers that feel like butter on lips with a fuller matte color.

2. Gel-based eyeliner


No matter how costly an eyeliner you buy, it will smudge if you have extremely watery eyes or an oily skin or the weather gets particularly hot. So how do you maintain a neat eye makeup? Always carry a retractable gel eyeliner of a good brand in your bag. Retouch if the lines have vanished or use some translucent press powder underneath the eyes if it looks like it will smudge out. You will be free from raccoon eyes in a jiffy!

3. Pressed powder or compact



If you stay in a warm place, carrying a pressed powder or a heavier version, a powder foundation or a compact powder, will help you in setting the skin whenever you want. The powder gives a radiant and matte effect that will blur imperfections, such as fine lines and pores. This is the perfect instant fix in your handbag.

4. Concealer

BB creamy concealer

This one is necessary if your skin has reddish tints or has dark spots or is riddled by acne marks. Do instant touchups with a good concealer to hide these imperfections. There are liquid concealers and harder concealer sticks to choose from and the choice completely depends on your skin type. You can omit this if your skin condition is normal.

5. Eye cream

Recommended for those of you who are prone to puffy eyes and spend more than desirable time before the laptop. An eye cream helps to keep the sensitive skin around your eyes fresh and moisturized. Some of them are designed to be UV protectants as well.

6. BB Cream

Day 205: BB Cream

This is the perfect all-in-one cream you must carry if you don’t like wearing a foundation and other makeup products on a regular basis. BB cream is simply a moisturizer with a better coverage so it hides your imperfections while being good to your skin! The BB rage started off in Korea but is getting popular throughout the world and is meant for those busy days when you want a makeup without spending hours together on it. Keep one in your handbag for prepping the skin after a quick face wash. 



7. Face wash

Now that we are at it, a small tube of face wash in your bag will be perfect if you are a person who is always out and is fighting a tough battle with the pollutants. Always ensure you use a gentle face wash if you are in a habit of washing your face for more than three times a day. In this way you can be assured that your face wash is not ripping your skin off its natural oils. But if you have an acne-prone face, get a doctor recommended face wash in your kitty and wash it as often as suggested by the dermatologist.

8. Sunscreen

SPF 30 Baby!

It is an understatement to say a sunscreen is vital in your bag. If you are on the move constantly, ensure you reapply your sunscreen before venturing out. This little bottle is the cure against premature aging for skin and you don’t want to miss it!

9. Perfume

Miniature parfums

A spritz of your favorite perfume before attending that important client meeting will not only ensure you smell good and presentable, but also give you a feeling of freshness and calm. Keep one always in your bag because you never know when you may be meeting someone important in between a day.

10. Makeup remover

If makeup is all magical and uplifting, then a makeup remover is that ingredient which reminds you that the day is over and it is time be real. A makeup remover can be just useful to have in your bag if you have to spend longer hours in the office to finish a presentation or you are planning to have a sleepover at your friend’s place after work. Either ways, never skip the step of removing the makeup and do not sleep on it!