Top 10 Most Populated Cities On Earth

The world is a very big place to exist in and a place with a lot of people in it. There are like countless people being born right now and the population just doesn’t seem to stop growing at any point soon. There are so many places and countries where all the people live happily. The most populated countries on earth are China and India respectively. While India may soon take over China as the number one most populated country, it stays the 7th biggest country in terms of size as well. There are other countries as well that are in the list of the most populated ones. While we have a general census of these countries, there are some specific cities around the world that have so much population even without being remotely on the list of the most populated countries. That’s because of the offerings these cities have and for that people just stay in it.

Below are some of the most populated cities in the world:

10. Mumbai.

Mumbai is the home to 22.5 million people from different parts of the world that stay in India. The biggest reason for so much population of the city is that it’s the hub of so many businesses and Bollywood which is the producer of most movies on the planet.

9. Tianjin.

Tianjin has 15 million residents and the city is known as the trading center of China. Tianjin is used as a treaty port since 1860.

8. Manila.

Manila has 12.8 million people residing in it. It is home to many historic sites that have been existing since 1571. The city suffers heavy loss because of its positioning where disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons can strike anytime.

7. Moscow.

We all know Moscow as it’s pretty famous. It’s the capital of Russia and the largest city of Russia as well. Anything you need name it, Moscow has it and that’s what it’s famous for. It has 12.36 million people residing in it.

6. Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the best cities to exist on the planet as well as Japan. Tokyo is known to house many tech companies that are doing wonders in the world and has 14 million people residing in it.

5. Dhaka.

Dhaka houses 14.5 million people in it. Situated in Bangladesh which isn’t much famous for its development is the most advanced city in the country.

4. Istanbul.

Istanbul is famous for its amazing history that dates back to 660 BCE or even before. The country has 14.6 million people while also having around a million tourists yearly.

3. Karachi.

The capital of Sindh province is home to 15 million residents. Karachi alone generated 20% GDP of Pakistan.

2. Beijing.

The capital of China is the second most populated city in the world as well. Beijing has seven of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO all to itself while it also holds around 21.7 million residents.

1. Shanghai.

Another Chinses city in the list just which is also the most populated city on the planet makes us sure why China is the most populated country on earth. The country has 25.8 million people according to the latest census.