United Airlines Disembarks A Family With An Autistic Teenage Daughter Because She Was A “Threat” To Other Passengers


On the 5th of May, Donna Beegle was flying home with United Airlines with her husband and autistic teenage daughter.

Donna requested the crew for hot food but it was met with a refusal because hot food was only served to first class passengers. She explained to the crew that her autistic daughter needed hot food and Donna even offered to pay for the meal. Sadly, all her efforts were met with the crew’s refusals. Finally, Donna told them that if her daughter did not get hot food, she may have a meltdown and start scratching in frustration. The crew reluctantly gave in to Donna’s request.

After the meal, all seemed to be going well, with her daughter calmly watching a movie, until the plane made an unexpected stop and asked Donna’s family to get off the plane since her daughter was a “threat” to other passengers. A lot of passengers stepped in to voice out that they were not threatened by Donna’s daughter in any which way but the family was left with no other choice but to get off the plane.

Beegle took to Facebook to share her entire experience in detail which you can read on here.

You can also see a part of the incident’s video below: