Weird Plastic Surgery Procedures That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, a popular saying that is still recalled, but the truth is, the world still judges people on the terms of this exterior beauty. Beauty is a standard, that is not God gifted to all the people, but science also has a solution to all of that, and that is plastic surgery. Well, it’s not only done for the purpose of beauty but also to cure ugly scars and marks over someone’s body or cure burns and other purposes. Yet, some of the procedures of plastic surgery are so weird that you would be astonished. These procedures are very unusual, and surgeons that perform the survey with those methods, do it by keeping out of the spotlight and keeping under the radar.

We have a list of such weird plastic surgery procedures, that you had no idea about!

8. Buccal Fat Removal

Cheekbones are such a thing to notice these days, and doctors use derma filter to add more glory to the cheekbones of their patient. But, it’s only that some stuff is added to the cheekbones, some stuff is also taken away. Buccal Fat Removal is a little-known procedure. With this, the cheekbones become really well defined and attractive.

7. Eyebrow Transplant

Some people over-tweeze their eyebrows and they just know that their hair isn’t going to come back anytime soon. So, instead, to add a lot of powders and pencils, people tend to go towards the eyebrow transplant. Some hair will be taken from the donor site which is generally the back of your head and then it is transplanted to the eyebrow region in the way you want it to be.

6. Dimpleplasty

We are sure that you know what dimples are and also how much they add to your smile. Well, not all of us have dimples but we always have a choice. There is a procedure that is called ‘dimpleplasty’. The surgeon passes a suture through the inside of the cheek or through inside the bottom lip and tied off, creating a natural looking dimple. It is a 30 minutes surgery. The dimples created with this procedure might also appear when at rest.

5. Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift is a procedure that involves drawing your blood and isolation of platelet-rich blood plasma and then re-ejecting it to remove wrinkles. This procedure leaves a youthful appearance and is in much demand.

4. Otoplasty

A lot of people are not really happy with their ears. A method called otoplasty is a method in which the ears are brought closer to the face and corrects protruding ears.

3. Lip Lift

This is for those who wish to have that Kylie Jenner look, or are fed up with their aging skin around the lips. This procedure actually improves the lip and reduce the distance between your nose and lips. Here, a strip of skin is taken from the part of the lip right below your nose and the incision takes around a week to heal completely.

2. CoolMini

A lot of people trying to lose weight by exercising and dieting but not everyone is able to get rid of that double chin or other stubborn fats that are not ready to go. This is a smaller version of CoolSculpting and is a nonsurvival alternative to liposuction for the right person. Around 1 to 3 treatments are necessary to let the fat go completely.

1. Umbilicoplasty

Not everyone has the round navel that we want. Reasons like pregnancy, loose skin are the main reasons, generally. Belly Button Surgery, also called the umbilicoplasty that changes the shape of the belly button or creates a new one. This procedure can either be performed along with or after the procedure of tummy tuck. This one has good results yielded to the patients.