Weirdly Mind Blowing Facts That Are Too Crazy To Process

Facts are one thing that can never end. They are infinite and won’t ever end. You cannot have all the knowledge, after all, there are limits to what you can store like a human. Some of the things that happen around us are really weird yet amazing. These are what everyone would like to know about even though it won’t hurt their existence.

Below are some of the weirdest yet mind-blowing facts:

In the classic game Super Mario, the clouds and bushes are the same.

The bushes are colored greed while clouds are given their sky blue color. The developers maybe just used the same code or design for multiple things.

The male bees die right after they reproduce.

When the male bees climax, their testicles explode which leads to their ultimate death. What a bad way to go, couldn’t even see their children.

The classic game Duck Hunt is a multiplayer game!

Bet you never knew about this. You could be the duck and avoid getting shot. I never understood how old controllers could just shoot by pointing at the TV and then I was informed about this thing. This game is from the future!

The human body has a lot of bacteria in itself.

An average adult human body has roughly two to nine pounds of bacteria in his or her body.

Hydrogen is an odorless gas.

But you already knew that. This gas if given millions of years can turn into people. Yes, PEOPLE! That’s what the humans are are made of and took millions of years to form.

A single glass of water has too many atoms.

The atoms in a single glass are more than the glasses of water in all the oceans.

Half the human population has died from Malaria.

Of all the humans to have ever walked on the surface of the earth, half have died of malaria. The disease caused by mosquitoes who don’t at all gives anything to the planet except diseases and plagues.

Charlie Chaplin had entered a competition and came third.

Apparently, the competition was for the best Charlie Chaplin lookalikes! Imagine the guy was given the third position in terms of people looking like him. Absolutely biased decision!

You’re an inventor when you shuffle a deck of cards.

Whenever you shuffle a deck of cards, chances are whatever order has been created is a unique order and has never been done before. And with 52 cards, there are plenty of times you might have made something new.

65 years is a big deal.

People who have reached the age of 65 is a great milestone apparently. Half of the people who could ever reach the age of 65 are alive right now.

Folding a paper 43 times will lead you to the moon.

The paper when folded 6 times is a big deal. If a paper is big enough to be folded 43 times, it’s obviously so big that the folds can make it reach to the moon.

54 million people are going to die within 12 months.

That’s the average death rate of the world, and nothing can change that.