What If Parents Decide To Not Name Their Newborn! Check Out What Happens!

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts and literally everything else you can think of. It basically brings a new life on the planet and the home and in the life of the family, parents and everyone you’re associated with. It also brings new responsibilities and new hardships along with all the love and cuteness a baby can shower you with. Everything in mind, what is the first thing a person does after the baby gets delivered? Just as you hold your baby for the first time and look at it for the great creation you did, you name it. People name their babies on different factors, some belief in astrology to decide it, while, some would just name it their favorite movie actors/characters. It’s all up to the parents as to what to name their babies and it nearly never happens that a baby goes on without his/her name. But, what if the parents don’t name their newborn?

Below is what happens when parents decide not to name their newborn:

Some parents have the names already picked out.

You can say most actually, parents decide names even before pregnancy in most cases. If it’s a boy, we’ll name it this or if it’s a girl this.

While some go with astrology.

Those who believe in signs from the planets and the stars choose to go by this method. Also, there are some impulsive parents who’ll just name their kids what they like without thinking twice.

The hospitals insist you name your baby as soon as you are discharged.

They do it as a standard procedure and so they complete their documentation for the government and their own records as well.

You can name your baby in between 24-48 hours.

That is in the case of a normal vaginal delivery without any complications and the delivery of a healthy baby.

In the case of C-Sections, you have 72 hours.

Or any other complication, you can take up to 72 hours in naming the baby and that’s just it.

Although, you can choose not to name your baby in the hospital.

That would not be a legal problem anyways as the hospital cannot force you to name your child. But, it’s easier for legal and documentation purposes if you do so in the timeframe itself.

You’ll get a notice from the State Department of Health though.

They’ll contact you for not completing the paperwork on time and they can certainly make your life hell with all the calls and legal notices.

But, it’s not a crime to not name your baby.

Even after all that, if you decide to not name your spawn, you won’t be charged with anything though, but your baby will suffer for your choice.

They won’t have any legal proof they’re the citizens of the country.

No birth certificates obviously, as well as no insurances, no legal names and no identity in all.

This also leads to mental problems if it goes too far.

Even if the said legal problems are ignored, there can be a mental effect on the baby as he grows up as without a name you don’t have an identity in today’s society and nothing unique that people may call you leading to isolation or something even worse.