Words That Have Opposite Meanings

English is a great language which is spoken by the maximum number of people around the world. No language has even half the speakers of the language as English, not because it’s the universal language but because people know the language as their second language. It’s the standard language for literally everything everywhere. While this was the good thing about the language, it’s simple as well. But, sometimes English can really confuse you to some extents that you might not understand. We know what synonyms are and how two words can have the same meanings and other things. But, there is this new thing you might not have any idea about. It’s called “contronym”. Contronym is basically a single word with two completely different or reverse meanings.

Below are some contronyms that we use daily:


As we all know strike means to hit something or something like that but in baseball, strike means missing the shot while trying to hit it.


Seeds are seeds of anything and are used to seed the soil. Understood what I showed there? The seed is an entity as well as the method to plant seeds as well.


Trim means to trim out branches or anything you want out of the picture or the object. While in case of Christmas trees, trim can mean adding decorations as well as removing branches.


Being bound to something is different from being bound by something. You’re bound to go to school daily while you’re bound by ropes or forced by ropes to do something is two different things.


Fast can mean two things that are totally opposite to each other. You want your car to move fast while also expecting your tires to hold fast i.e. not go crazy.


The government can sanction an order i.e. implement it. Also, it can sanction an order i.e. withdraw it. This word has two meanings without even changing the use, you might even get confused about when the word could mean the other.


There is a screen of fog in front of me means something is making things invisible for me. While, in general, a movie screening means to basically see a movie.


Bad weather can mean bad circumstances which you can withstand. Also, a rock can weather down over time which means it can degrade over time as well. So, the word means it can either withstand or wear down both.


Remember that dog cartoon named Bolt. So, a bolt can mean to zip zap or say run lightning-fast. While another thing we know as bolts is nuts and bolts whose single work is to hold things together and hence they are called bolts.


Dust is the unclean thing that deposits over things when they are left open or unused for a long time. While when you clean the dust, the process is also called as dusting. You can always say ‘I’m dusting the dust on this table’ and confuse everyone without actually confusing anyone.