You Should Never Charge Your Phone At These Places

In today’s world, there is no life without your mobile phone. We take our phones everywhere there is and there’s no way you can avoid them. People’s lives depend on phones and a single problem can just cause millions of losses in many cases. A smartphone or a normal phone requires some basic things that aren’t much costly or matter to us and keep the phone running. The most important one being the battery, the thing that keeps the device powered is the most important thing. Dying phones are equal to a dying person nowadays and hence we are nowadays bound to charge them anytime they want. In case you’re in public and see a charging port that you can use, you’re just gonna go directly towards it. Well, you shouldn’t just plug your phone anywhere for charging. Studies and tech experts have suggested this and we must abide by them.

Public charging stations.

Never use public charging stations. There’s a good reason for that just like your phone reminds you not to enter any credentials while on an unsecured/public wifi.

Charging ports can be compromised.

They can be compromised to actually steal your data and what not just like some third party computer.


People often leave their phones at charging stations on airports without worries but they shouldn’t. People think it’s secure there and that’s actually when real attacks happen when you’re not aware.

Train stations.

Hackers can just configure USB to extract data from your devices without your permission while you think your phone is charging. This is generally termed as “Juice Jacking”.


What could go wrong, right? Well, they can be the host of malware that someone might have planet maybe specifically for you or for anyone who tries to access it.

Rental Cars.

Next time you take an Uber and the driver asks you to charge your phone or you take a rental for yourself, don’t charge from it. Companies might have data suction algorithms in place that can hack your phone the moment you plug into it.

Tourist Attractions.

Vacations are often exhausting for everyone including the phones which take all the photos. Sometimes we plug them in some public station and risk its security.


Another problem from public charging ports might be the voltage which most people don’t even consider or even have an idea about.


Generally, all the phones have same voltages and cables for charging but that’s not true sometimes. In that case, the phone’s hardware can get damaged due to the excessive or low current required for the battery.

Coffee Shops.

Starbucks looks as safe as any place to plug in the phone while working but it might not be. Your banking data can be stolen from their public wifi while you charge it freely at their USB ports. The best way to avoid data thefts or short circuits in your phones is to use your own adapters which nearly finishes any risks that might occur due to direct connections with external USB ports.